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Regenerative stem cell therapy is revolutionizing veterinary medicine. This innovative new treatment uses your pet’s own natural healing cells to help regenerate healthy tissue and improve quality of life. East Lake Veterinary Hospital is one of the first veterinary hospitals in North Texas to offer stem cell therapy services and they are already being used to treat arthritis and assist with soft tissue repair. The process is safe and simple. Regenerative stem cells are collected from your pet’s own fat and through a special process that can be used to create a variety of new types of tissue, including tendon, ligament, bone, cartilage and more.

How stem cell therapy can help alleviate pain in dogs

These stem cells can even be used to create new heart muscle and liver tissue. Within 48 hours after collection, regenerative stem cells are ready to be used in the healing process. This new therapy offers new, and often safer options for tendon and ligament repair, as well as the treatment or certain types of arthritis. In the near future it may also be possible to use stem cell therapy to treat liver and renal disease.

If you think your pet may be a candidate for stem cell therapy, please contact your veterinarian for an evaluation.