Here, in North Texas, we don’t have a few mosquitoes come spring, we seem to have swarms and they stay around biting viciously for months. Just like some humans, cats can have a strong reaction to their bites and make your pet miserable. Symptoms are similar to other causes – illnesses or parasites for instance, so have a vet check your pet if you see anything unusual. Prevention could be as simple as keeping mosquitoes away from your cats by keeping them indoors.


Look for these on the face, ears, nose, or eyelids, look for:

  • Tiny ulcers
  • Scaly or crusty areas
  • Hair loss
  • Skin color changes around bite area

On the paw pads, look for:

  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Redness
  • Cracks

Some cats are pretty insistent on wanting outside but it’s a scary world out there – mosquitoes, cars, cat-hating dogs, other-cat-hating cats, poisons, etc. Roaming cats are also the #1 danger to birds. (Your neighbors may not appreciate having your cat stalking their bird feeders.)

But if your cat yowlingly refuses to be solely an indoor cat, consider an enclosure or run for it’s safety. You can look at what’s available through retailers or find DIY instructions to build your own online. Pinterest shows everything from simple mesh covered frames to multi-level, multi-structure builds for some very lucky cats. Just make sure any structure has mesh dense enough to keep out biters. You can keep your cats healthy while still letting them enjoy the great outdoors.

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