In this week’s Episode, Dr. Will McCauley shares his thoughts on Indy Star’s “Pet’s at Risk” and his view on the veterinary profession – a real world look at what goes on behind the scenes and what really matters to veterinary professionals.

Dr. Karen Fling talks about the Bourbon virus, a deadly disease that sprung up in the middle of the United States and the Chikungunya illness, which recently infected actress Lindsey Lohan.

Be sure to catch Dr. Fling’s potty training segment on KTXD TV with none other than Sandy’s adorable puppies.

Our Pets of the Week are Eleanor Rose and her 9 puppies! They’ve traveled all the way from Houston to join East Lake Pet Orphanage to find new homes. Interested in adopting? Find out more information at
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Links mentioned in Episode 9:

Indy Star’s “Pet’s at Risk” Article:


Bravecto at East Lake:

Dr. Fling on Chikungunya:

KTXD TV The Broadcast:

East Lake Pet Orphanage:


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