Wags. Purrs. Smiles. 

In this week’s episode, Dr. Will McCauley and Dr. Karen Fling welcome Ginger Walton from Invisible Fence and talk about ways to keep your pets protected and safe – in and around your home.

Dr. Will McCauley also shares which snacks and treats to avoid giving your pets from the dinner table and his best suggestions on safe alternatives. Dr. Karen Fling expands on quality of life concerns for all pets, how to start the conversation with you veterinarian, and taking steps to make sure our furry friends lead the best lives they possibly can.

Links mentioned in Episode 3:

Today.com – 6 ways to make sure your furry friends fly safely

Puppy Travel – You and your pet’s travel consultant

Pet Travel – Worldwide travel resource for pets

Invisible Fence – Indoor and outdoor solutions for keeping your pets out of trouble

Partners for Healthy Pets

Feliway – The secret to happy cats

Veterinary Practice News – Quality of Life Scale

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