In this week’s episode, Dr. Karen Fling welcomes Joshua Ahern from Infiniti Medical to introduce the ALICAM – a camera so small that it can be taken like a pill to photograph the gastrointestinal tract of pets. Watch to learn why and how it works!

An unfamiliar canine flu strain has lead to several pet deaths in the Chicago area, initially thought to have been a mild respiratory disease. Dr. Fling explains that through vaccination, the dangers of the canine flu can be reduced significantly.

How are your allergies this Spring season? How about your pets allergies? Our pets are just as susceptible to allergies as we are, caused by pollen, dust, and dander. There are many choices to help ease your pets reactions to symptoms that sensitivity to allergens can cause.

Our Pets of the Week are Alex, Alexi, Lex, and Alexis and they join ELPO after being found by workers at an apartment complex in Dallas.


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