With Easter behind us, Dr. Fling and Dr. McCauley talk about why not all found bunnies are lost – think twice before saving them! (Don’t worry, they’ll be okay)

A recent rise in kennel cough has arrived with the spring season, have you taken steps to prevent it in your pets?

The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends not skipping your vaccines.

As with recent anti-vaccine trends, skipping your pet’s vaccinations may lead to health issues that could have been easily avoided. Read Steve Dale’s Pet World Blog featuring Dr. Michael Paul’s recent commentary on why pet vaccinations affect more than just our own pets.

In Dr. Fling’s own backyard, she was reminded exactly how close we are the natural environment of armadillos, who just so happen to be carriers of Leprosy.

Carter is our Pet of the Week! He’s been with East Lake Pet Orphanage close to a year now and is one laid back Chihuahua who loves to relax, cuddle, and just hang out with friends. http://elpo.org



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