With the holidays well under way, veterinarians Dr. Will McCauley and Dr. Karen Fling discuss a study about scooping up droppings at dogs parks, share important tips on traveling with your pets, and a special frog named after Ozzy Osbourne.

Links mentioned in Episode 2:

Companion Animal Parasite Council

Puppy Travel – You and your pet’s travel consultant

Pet Travel – Worldwide travel resource for pets


Feliway – The secret to happy cats

National cat herders day

Adopt-a-mutt day

National diabetes awareness month

Other topics or terms covered in Episode 2 include: Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC), parasite treatment guidelines, microchipping pets, Feliway, Invisible Fence, pet collars, cats, Clomicalm medication, pancreatitis, identification, tags, balisascaris, batfrogs, bats, roundworms, giardia, fecal, feces, heartworm disease, heartworm testing, heartworm preventative, sudden death, heartworm symptoms, heartworm treatment, coughing, diarrhea, vomiting, mosquitoes, parasites, worms, Dr. Kevin Kazacos, Dr. Emilio Debess, Dr. Matthew Miller, cardiology, congestive heart failure, feline, canine, dog, cat, vascular damage, weight loss, propane torch, bleach, disinfectant, national adopt-a-mutt day, national diabetes day, national cat herders day, and forecasting maps.

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