In this week’s episode, we talk about an everyday object a pet ate that could have caused serious harm. Tulip, a long time ELPO orphan, flew to Colorado to find her forever home.

Dr. Fling and Dr. McCauley share cold weather tips for our pets; they may be wearing thick coats, but they get cold just like humans do and also run into a few more dangers right beneath their paws.
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They also share information on kidney stones and how not all are created equal. Learn more about why it’s important to identify the type of stone that could be causing your pet discomfort.

It’s Dental Health Month at East Lake as we discuss dental disease and how it can really affect the morale of your pet – and learn about “the evil tooth.”

In the month of March, East Lake Veterinary Hospital offers complimentary dental checkups for your pet. Call us today to setup your appointment – 214-342-3100

Rose, a strong, energetic, and very enthusiastic pup is our Pet of the Week. Watch to see her curiosity and friendliness that we captured at ELPO.



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