We welcome professional dog trainer and agility specialist Amy Tabor to Episode 29 to discuss her thoughts on training as well has behavioral cues to look out for when working with dogs. Hint: A wagging tail doesn’t always mean a dog is friendly!

Amy Tabor hosts seasonal classes at the East Lake Veterinary Hospital aimed at passing the AKC Good Citizenship Test – a set of criterion that ensures dogs (and their owners) are ready for responsible and respectful pet socialization! Learn more at http://www.akc.org/dog-owners/training/canine-good-citizen/cgc-test-items-and-pledge/ and stay tuned – we’ll let you know when the next class opens up!

We are starting to see the residual effects of heavy rainfall and included in those are lots of mosquitoes and snakes. With the growing concern of Chikungunya and the West Nile Virus, Dr. Fling shares ways that we can help minimize our exposure to mosquitoes outdoors. Watch her Chikungunya video at https://youtu.be/R-bES1YrNXI

An American tourist was killed while photographing lions in Africa. Though in the States we don’t worry much about lions, keeping a safe distance and following posted signs could mean the difference between life and death in some situations. The tourist rolled down her window to take photos of the lions and didn’t see an approaching lion, who quickly pounced and fatally wounded her. Read more at: http://www.cnn.com/2015/06/08/world/africa-lion-attack-photo/

The Bird flu (avian influenza) is wreaking havoc in the Midwest United States. Killing millions of chickens and turkeys, this strain of the bird flu is heavily impacting the poultry industry and causing widespread concern about the development and possible mutation of the virus that would spread to humans. Though unlikely, the virus is being closely monitored for such a disaster.


Do you remember Heidi? Rescued from a puppy mill where she was kept in a small, wire cage, Heidi has spent this year at East Lake Pet Orphanage, both adjusting to a new life and looking for her forever home. She may not need to look further, as foster-to-adoptees Gloria and George Tarpley have taken on the task of giving Heidi a home.

Plain and simple, Heidi was kept in a kennel used for breeding purposes for several years. We aren’t quite certain how many litters of puppies she had, but her nervous, shy, and submissive demeanor means that it takes a very special home to both accept and share in the transformation it will take as she learns what it means to be loved. With the help of friends, volunteers, and staff at East Lake, Heidi is now on her way to the life that she deserves – with a new friend, Teddy, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Heidi.

Vonya_ELPOVonya is our Pet of the Week! A wonderfully sweet and caring mom of kittens, Vonya is ready for a new home! Meet her at the East Lake Pet Orphanage:

10101 E Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75238
or visit elpo.org to see all of our adoptable pets.

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