We welcome meteorologist Rebecca Miller as she shares her organic tips and tricks to combat pests (such as roaches, ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes) that we are starting to see with the heavier rainfall and warmer temperatures. Many off-the-shelf chemicals used to treat lawns can be harmful to pets, but organic options can be safer and more effective. Rebecca’s suggestions:

-Beneficial nematodes

-Dried molasses

-Diatomaceous earth

-Oil of lemon eucalyptus

Not long after recording last week’s episode did Dr. Fling encounter a large smooth softshell turtle on a busy street. Most likely washed from it’s home due to the recent flooding, Dr. Fling was able to return her to safety. Watch to see it’s departure!

A viewer submitted a very important question: What is the ideal age to take your pets to the dog park? Dr. McCauley and Dr. Fling answer this question and talk about the many factors involved in helping your pet make friends safely.

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Kia_ELPO Turner_ELPO

Kia and Turner our the Pets of the Week! Kia crossed 6 lanes of busy traffic and was unfortunately struck by a car – hence his name. He might be loosing his leg, but he’s bright and happy to be looking for a new home.

Turner has been with ELPO since January and is so excited about meeting his new family. He will love you with every fiber of his being as he energetically expresses his joy.

Meet Kia and Turner at East Lake Pet Orphanage, 10101 E Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75238 or visit http://elpo.org to see all of our adoptable pets.

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