Episode 27 is feature packed! While recording last week’s episode, Dallas was surprised with yet another earthquake – with a magnitude of 3.3, it was felt around the metroplex. Many pets are notorious for sensing and reacting to these tremors before they happen – do your pets act a certain way when nature’s movements are afoot? We would love to hear about it!

It’s National Hurricane Preparedness week and Dr. McCauley and Dr. Fling help talk about the best ways to keep our pets calm during storms and weather events. Do you have a plan in place to keep your pets safe in case of an emergency? Find out how a simple sticker can make all the difference. http://www.petrescuestickers.com/

pet-rescue-stickers-_fire_safety_Receive a couple of free stickers from the ASPCA here: https://www.aspca.org/form/free-pet-safety-pack

Pets still anxious during stressful events? Check out the Thundershirt! A comforting hug for your cat or dog: http://www.thundershirt.com/

The discussion on animal rights is an on-going conversation, but a Danish radio host Asger Juhl took things too far when he killed a rabbit while broadcasting live. Attempting to voice his opinion, the disgusting act has reached widespread criticism – as it should – about the ethical treatment of animals.

At East Lake, we passionately believe that our animal friends are gifts that bless us in a mutually beneficial life – and no pet’s life should be sacrificed to make a point. At Change.org, a petition is underway to bring justice to this heartless act and for those responsible to face the consequences.


Next week, we welcome meteorologist Rebbecca Miller to share her tips and advice on how to stay safe during difficult weather, especially with this very active spring season in Texas. Overflowing lakes and rivers means that many turtles are often displaced from their habitat. As they try to find their way back, we sometimes see them crossing the road. We can learn a thing or two from their patience, but for safety’s sake, be sure to give them a hand crossing the road! McCauley’s tip: take them in the direction they’re pointed.

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