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What does it take to photograph homeless pets for Valentine’s Day?

Lots of volunteers, lots of props, and lots of shots!

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, we worked with several of our adoptable pets (looking for their own Valentine) to capture their personalities!

One of our volunteers draped herself in various props for photography with cats.

Most cats don’t mind having their picture taken – but an important thing to remember is to let them relax and get used to their environment. 

Even our guinea pig friends had a chance to get in front of the camera – and they didn’t disappoint! 

This is Lady Penelope Wheekwell and we don’t think she could have a classier look for Valentine’s Day. 

Above: 3.5-month-old Pickles proudly wears his hearts.

Working on special projects like these help people see pets in a different light, versus just the traditional background of a clinic or rescue organization. 

They help bring our volunteers together to give the pets a chance to be seen and adopted. 

Are you looking for a special friend this Valentine’s Day?

Stop in and meet these wonderful pets – they deserve a loving home and someone to love.