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Meet Luigi!

He’s looking bright and aware today – but last week, you might not have said that after hearing his adventure.

Luigi’s story begins on I-35, one of the busiest, if not THE busiest, highways in Dallas. It was during rush hour traffic that the Dallas Police Department received a call about a stray dog that was on the road as cars whizzed by. When officers arrived on the scene, they discovered that Luigi had been struck by a car and was laying in the road. Uncertain of his condition, officers stepped in to move him from the road and in the process, narrowly avoided being struck by a car that struck their cruiser from behind.

Our friends at Fox 4 News covered Luigi’s story:

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Dr. Karen Fling shares the latest update on Luigi:

Close examinations at Luigi’s condition reveal that he suffered from a concussion, lacerations, and a fractured pelvis. He is struggling to walk, but we are hopeful that with the right specialist care, he will be ready for a forever home of his own in no time.

Thanks to our friends at the Dallas Police Department, Luigi has a second chance at life.

These are comments from some of Luigi’s supporters who have donated to his cause:

Mellen and Susan West Good job DPD and ELPO
Becky & Ray-Mel Cornelius His name should be Lucky!  Thanks to the DPD officer and to ELPO for all you do!
Helen & Gorman Every pup deserves a chance at a happy life and forever home.  Thank you for working to save him!
Bill Lucia Luigi deserves another chance as do all animals!
Pamela Fitzpatrick It’s so important that the community reach out and help in situations like Luigi’s. Luigi – I hope you recover well and quickly!!
Diane Grant Bless Luiga. One of God’s creatures. Bless those who rescued him and those taking care of him.
Anna Luigi was my dad’s name. I donate to Luigi the dog in his honor.
Justin Ehly I drove by this accident before the police cruiser was hit and saw him laying in front of the car – his tail was still wagging and he looked so scared
Emily Lever Thank you DPD and ELPO for helping Luigi get to his forever home!
Jessica Crow Get well soon sweet boy! Thank you DPD for risking your lives for this fur baby
Lex Pedraza Get well Luigi
Sherrill Pecere Please find Luigi a wonderful forever home!
Debbie Donovan Thank you officers and East Lake for saving this sweet pup!   You are my heroes!
Gail Marlin  Get better soon sweet little one and God bless to those wonderful policemen. So thankful you didn’t get hurt.
Frank Pope Luigi needs our help and love.
Vi Rentz Thank You Officers for caring l hope Luigi finds. A loving home.
Barb Butto For a speedy recovery
Laura  Pappas Edwards  I pray for Luigi’s recovery. It hurts my heart to see him. We are all blessed with our Dallas Police Officers!!
Howard, a dog lover. Howard, the dog lover.
Minn Aung God please bless this sweet boy for many more years of happiness and health. Many thanks for the police officers and vet hospital staffs.
Private donor Thank you for stopping to help Luigi and thankful everyone is safe!!
Hillary Hall Hope this baby feels better soon!!!!
Victoria Winstead Have a long and wonderful life.
Pearl Cortez Get better soon sweet baby!! Thank You to the Police Officers for saving this sweet baby!!
Preaton Taylor God bless those officers and East Lake Veterinary Hospital. Hang in there Luigi!!
Jerry Rhome My husband is a former NFL player and coach and love animals…hope Luigi gets well!
April  Harbaugh  The brave and kind officers who protect us! Also, risk their lives for our pets. To police, EMS, and great emergency vets!
Becki Romito Thank you DPD! Good luck Luigi! Xo
Barbara Wheat Thank you for helping this beautiful dog.
Talley Johnson Luigi I hope you get better soon!
Cecile Keating Get well, Luigi … and I know you will find your fur-ever, loving home.  God bless the two officers and doctors who saved you!
Wendi Rashid Hope this helps this sweet baby! Thank you to the officers who risked your lives for this little one.
Karey Choy I hope Luigi feels better soon!
Colleen Landells I am thankful for all veterinarians who donate their time and efforts to help all animals. Thank you to the police officers for rescuing Luigi. Heroes!
Alessandra Alio Praying for Luigi to heal, recover and find his forever home. Thank you Dallas Police, Veterinarians, Nurses and Techs for Taking care of Luigi.
Melanie Brannan The Cat Pack, Bro, Little Boy and Stella Stripes hopes Luigi gets better real soon!
Liliam Brincker I donate because I care for every human being, thank you for saving him and hoping he finds a home to adopt him
Katheryn Houston Wishing Luigi’s successful recovery and a wonderful future with a family who will love him dearly!
Dadreon Rhine Get better soon Luigi!
Delise Macha Our police are just wonderful.
RICARDO SARRAGA get well soon Luigi
Steve Specht Lover of dogs  The story touched us and just want to contribute to saving him and hopefully give him a great second chance at life.
Kimberly Bowen  Thank you to DPD officers Gabriel Zarazua and Alexander Zabriskie for rescuing Luigi. This donation is in honor of them along with all ELPOs.
Cris Hugs for Luigi!
Kathie Garrett Help this pup have what he needs!
Robert Wise He looks a lot like my old dog. (Who had to always be on a leash since he didn’t understand cars either)
Robin Welch Wilson and Remy hope you get better soon Luigi!!!
Linda Ross To help Luigi receive all the services he needs to return to living a full life in a loving home!
Sandi Hebley Bless his heart! And thanks to the officers who helped.
Courtnie Mcbrayer  Sweet baby. Thank you Dallas Police!
Patty Allar Feel better, Luigi
Lesli Gray Get well soon, Luigi!


If you are interested in supporting Luigi, donate to his care below: